Bristol taxi drivers stage protest over Uber fare prices

About 300 taxi drivers held a demonstration outside Uber’s offices in Bristol on Wednesday. Bristol United Private Hire Drivers (BUPHD) said they are unhappy with pricing structures and that they have to work longer hours to break even. Uber said drivers are always shown an upfront price before accepting a trip. The private hire drivers […]

First ‘Robotaxis’ Enter Service in Beijing

It looks like a normal car but the white taxi by the kerb has nobody driving it. Beijing this week approved its first autonomous taxis for commercial use, bringing dozens of the so-called “robotaxis” to the streets of the Chinese capitital. Continue Reading At:

Waymo takes next step toward selling driverless taxi service in California

Autonomous ride-hailing company Waymo was reportedly one step closer to selling robotic taxi service. On Monday, the Mountain View-based company submitted an application to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for the final permit required to begin charging for fully autonomous rides in California, according to Reuters. If approved, Waymo could become the second in […]